6 Questions That You Must Ask While Changing Auto Oil in Your Vehicle

Ever since a person starts driving, it’s taught to him or her about the process of
oil change and its importance for smooth running of the vehicle. There are certain
FAQs that generally are in the mind about why to change the oil.
Oil to a vehicle is similar to water for a human. It keeps the machine operational
and cleaned up. Lack of oil may degrade the lubrication between the machinery
spare parts and cause wear and tear and as a result the work efficiency of the
engine goes down.
1. What if the machine is completely lubricated but never cleaned up?
It is similar to a sink full of soapy water left for days without being cleaned up.
Would you like to wash your dish in the same condition the next time when you
see your sink full of soapy water with residue remains of your dishes washed last
time? You would never want to use the dishes washed in such water; similarly,
it’s with your car also.
2. What is the state of detergent inside the motor?
Yes, the detergent is good enough to clean the fluid, but certainly similar to the
sink full of soapy water.
3. Is there a filter that can help to do the job?
Yes, there is a filter that sieves the debris and dirt initially, but later on it gets
thicker and becomes ineffective to do the job effectively.
4. What’s the exact task of the oil?
An auto engine has numerous parts, which rub against each other to generate
heat and motion. Therefore, the engine needs a lubricating agent that helps to
reduce friction and enhance the life of the engine.
5. What’s the cycle timing for changing the oil?
The cycle depends on the type and nature of the vehicle. Previously, hard and
fast rule was 3000 miles, but now it’s changed. Today, most of vehicles are
recommended for 5000 miles and the best way to know the cycle is to refer to the
automobile manual. The fact is that not every automobile garage owner can
suggest you about the exact timing, so it’s strongly advised to check with the
6. Can it be done by ourselves?
Yes, if you are quite familiar with the tool. There are few supporting stuffs
required to do the job like wrenches, funnel, gloves, jack and a jug to refill, but
you should know “how to do” the same.